Email Migration: GoDaddy to Office 365

Email Migration: GoDaddy to Office 365

The nerds here at #TechStarters want to ensure that our clients are receiving the best software for their business. As such, since we are partners with Microsoft, we can provide you with the business licenses that you will need. Along with businesses, we can also provide licenses for nonprofits, education, and more!
Many business owners reach out because they are using GoDaddy Office 365 and are unhappy with the product. This is where our nerds come in! We provide Migration Services from GoDaddy Office 365 to Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Office 365 vs GoDaddy Office 365

We highly recommend migrating your business' email hosting from GoDaddy to Microsoft. While some people are originally drawn to GoDaddy Office 365 because of a lower price, there are many features this email provider does not offer which could put a user at security risks.

Some examples include:

  • No Multi-Factor Authentication Options (MFA) are available through GoDaddy. MFA, also known as 2-Step Authentication provides you with extra security to ensure that there is no one attempting to hack into your Office 365 account. Microsoft now insists that all Microsoft Office 365 users apply MFA. If not used in GoDaddy's case, this can lead to security risks for your business.
  • Many GoDaddy Office 365 users have explained that there is very little tech support. Here at #TechStarters, you can call us and we will help troubleshoot and fix any issues that you are having with Microsoft Office 365 in a very timely manner.
  • Going back to security issues, GoDaddy's line of defense is a password reset. While this does help, it is incredibly easy to mix up the Office 365 login with the user's GoDaddy Login.

Microsoft Office 365 provides you with all the products offered in each plan option. However, GoDaddy does not do so since they do not sell all the features in each license. We highly recommend email migration from GoDaddy to Microsoft Office 365.