Business Email Migration

#TechStarters has been a long-standing certified Microsoft 365 partner & G Suite partner, and have completed a countless number of migrations since 2010. We've performed email migrations for a wide-range of industries ranging from; complex multi-exchange servers, with many compliance requirements, such as preservation of 3rd party journaling (email retention) that needs to carry over seamlessly to Microsoft 365; to simpler migrations, such as from IMAP to Microsoft 365, or .PST to Microsoft 365.

The most common migration requests for business email:

WIth years of experience migrating email from compliant-driven industries, we'll migrate your business to a compliant SOC 2 TYPE 2 Microsoft 365 Exchange Server which is a common requirement for the financial industry; while the medical industry requires HIPAA compliant email migration, server, and HIPAA compliant backups, we'll ensure your medical practice is migrated to a HIPAA compliant Microsoft 365 server.

Government and Education, did you know Microsoft 365 servers can host your email & data to help meet compliance needs? In addition, we are a Microsoft 365 support partner with the required certifications to manage & support Non-Profits, Government, and Education. Meaning, we can help your organization qualify for special Microsoft 365 licenses & programs, then provide your organization with ongoing Microsoft 365 Business Support. A single-call for anyone in your organization for Microsoft 365 license sales & employee support, now that's nerdy convenience!

Many businesses need to migrate not only their business email, but also contacts, calendars, tasks, files, outlook rules carryover, large user mailbox migrations, and more. We perform these type of migrations day-in & day-out, your organization will be introduced to a microsoft certified team lead for your business email transition, who will explain and layout expectations, and prep you on the migration process. Migrations are scheduled, and can be planned to happen on a slow-weekday, weekend, or over a holiday; whichever works best for your business. The majority of migrations we perform have ZERO downtime, which is thanks to the migration tools we have available, our collective experience migrating businesses, and our Microsoft 365 partner status. However, depending on the type of migration, such as what business email company your organization is migrating email from, determines if downtime is inevitable along with the estimated amount of downtime to expect & plan for during the business email migration.

Our highly experienced Microsoft certified technicians are here to ensure that all email transition services happen as seamlessly as possible. We understand it's critical for your business to avoid downtime and preventable interruptions. Much of our process migrating a business happens in the background, allowing your business to work normally, as if no migration of email history was taking place. No interruptions mean businesses we provide migration services to, can be as productive as usual, without fear of losing company data or email history. #TechStarters is a certified Microsoft partner specializing in email migrations to microsoft 365, network security, data retention, and managed IT helpdesk support. This means that your business emails will be migrated by a certified Microsoft technican with the option to receive ongoing support after the migration.

To migrate your business email, call us today (877) 932-0040