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Online Microsoft applications such as OneDrive for Business is a great tool for your business to use. #TechStarters can provide you the business licenses that include OneDrive for Business. A good start to online file storage is through this software. There are great benefits for your business while using OneDrive for business. Some of these benefits are syncing the files in real-time, make comments on files, collaboration, and more! OneDrive for business is very similar to SharePoint. However, they have their differences that will benefit a business’ workflow. OneDrive for business is better with one user in charge. Even when sharing the file with other users in the business, they are still in complete control. They can edit, delete, or even allow access to specific individuals to edit the file. SharePoint, however, is more collaborative. This software allows a higher-up to see all the work and which employee made changes to a file. The control of each file is not by one user.

OneDrive vs. OneDrive for Business

Despite the name, there are a few big differences between OneDrive and OneDrive for Business. This does seem confusing, but we will help you understand the differences. The key difference is OneDrive for Business is part of the SharePoint Server. There different methods to allow permissions. OneDrive allows a user to allow another user to read or edit any file that is shared with them. On the other hand, OneDrive for Business is already connected to everyone in the organization. They don't necessarily need access to edit or share a file. OneDrive does not allow any management of versioning, creating views, audits and reports, ADFS/SSO/Directory sync support, and any built-in standard compliance. One other big difference is the size of each software. OneDrive is only 5GB and OneDrive for Business is 1 TB/user.

There are however, a few similarities these two have in common. For instance, a user can create documents from other Office 365 applications. They also allow integration with Office Desktop, MFA support, and any real-time authoring with documents from Office 365 apps.