Easy access to all essential files is important for business productivity. SharePoint is a great Microsoft application for just that! Also known as SharePoint online, SharePoint allows you to create a site for your business. What this means is anything topic or department for your business can have its site. Employees can have access to files within those sites to get the information they need. The administrator can add or remove employees from each site created if appropriate. Use SharePoint on any devices such as Macs, Smartphones, PCs, and more!

SharePoint Features


SharePoint has many features that will help your business. For starters, members of each site can upload files from their local computers to SharePoint. As well as uploading files, an employee can also create, edit, and save a file right in the application itself. With this method, there will be no need to save anything on the local computer.


There are many other SharePoint features such:  

  • Work with your peers on a document. More than one individual can work on a document at a time on SharePoint. Collaboration is one of the best features of this application!
  • All information regarding a document is always available. One SharePoint feature that will assist you is version history. Version history allows you to have access to all previous documents uploaded with the same name. If you need access to an older version, you can restore it and use that as the most current document.
  • View and access files that are on Microsoft Teams through SharePoint. Creating a team means all files and folders will automatically be up on SharePoint
  • An employee can share documents or a site with people internally or outside the organization. When sharing the link to each folder or document, different settings can be applied to how each individual can view the documents. This helps keep any sensitive information safe

SharePoint Migration

SharePoint Migration is a service that #TechStarters offers that allows you to move the current cloud file storage software your business is using to SharePoint. If you believe that SharePoint Migration will benefit your business, we are here to help! We understand that this is a complex service. Our techs will sit down and discuss everything you will need for the SharePoint migration. From there, we will start the process. You will then have a reliable cloud storage software for your business!